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Canadian Whiskey Guide

How do I pick the perfect Canadian Whiskey?

Use this Canadian Whiskey Guide from Zia Liquors to help decide!

Remember to view our selection of miniature Whiskey bottles at the register.

Please Drink Responsibly.

All Zia Liquors alcoholic products are meant to be consumed by adults 21 and over. Please observe all Surgeon General warnings and never drink and drive.

Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey On Sale

Black Velvet

Forty Creek Canadian Whiskey On Sale

Forty Creek

Pendleton Canadian Whiskey On Sale


Canadian Club Whiskey On Sale

Canadian Club

Lord Calvert Canadian Whiskey On Sale

Lord Calvert

Rich And Rare Canadian Whiskey On Sale

Rich And Rare

Canadian Mist Whiskey On Sale

Canadian Mist

New Mexico Select Club Canadian Whiskey

New Mexico Club

Seagrams 7 Canadian Whiskey On Sale

Seagrams 7

Choose the perfect Canadian Whiskey

Looking for tips on how to buy the best Canadian Whiskey? Ask a Zia Liquors expert or schedule a Whiskey Tasting today!

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