Crown Royal Miniatures On Sale

Lowest price on Crown Royal Whiskey Minis

Zia Liquors Has Crown Royal Miniatures On Sale

Start the weekend early with Crown Royal Miniatures, on sale at Zia Liquors! In addition to the classic, Crown Royal Deluxe, you can also buy Vanilla and Apple flavored Whiskey at discounted prices. Because these liquor minis are only $1.99* each, you can stock up, or try one of each flavor.

Go ahead and subscribe to the Zia Liquors YouTube channel for whiskey reviews on Crown Royal products. Shop around and you will see that nobody has lower prices on Crown Royal miniatures in Farmington, New Mexico.

Because not everyone likes to buy miniature bottles of liquor, you can also buy any of our featured Whiskeys in larger sizes. If you want great prices on Crown Royal, visit Zia Liquors and save!

Lowest Price On Crown Royal Apple Whiskey

Consequently many of our customers that love Crown Royal Deluxe, also enjoy the Vanilla and Apple flavors. Smooth and sweet, this Whiskey was made to savor. You can drink Crown Royal straight, on the rocks, or in your favorite mixed drink.

Either way, you can rest assured that Zia Liquors will always have the best selection of Crown Royal Flavored Whiskey, at the lowest price. The next time you are looking for affordable, 50ml liquor bottles, look to Zia Liquors.

Finally we want to remind everyone that all Crown Royal Whiskey products are for adults 21 years of age and older. Please remember to drink all alcoholic beverages responsibly and reserve a designated driver.

Lowest Price On Crown Royal Vanilla Whiskey

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