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Aviation Gin Farmington

Aviation Gin

Twice pot distilled & bottled at 84 proof in Portland, Oregon.

Bulldog gin Gallup

Bulldog Gin

Includes juniper, angelica, lemon peel, coriander and orris.

Hendricks gin Gallup

Hendrick’s Gin

Made with Bulgarian rose and cucumber to add flavor.

Old Grove Gin Shiprock

Old Grove Gin

Crafted from fresh juniper berries, with fragrant rose.

The Botanist gin Farmington

The Botanist Gin

An artisanal Islay gin, crafted from locally picked botanicals.

Bombay Gin Farmington

Bombay Gin

Flavored with a recipe of ten ingredients.

crater lake gin Gallup

Crater Lake Gin

95 proof and  infused with juniper after distillation.

miles london dry gin Gallup

Miles London Gin

Original & genuine, Miles London Dry Gin on sale.

Plymouth Gin Gallup

Plymouth Gin

Less dry than a traditional, London style of gin.

Seagrams gin Farmington

Seagrams Gin

The first brand to use flavored liquor combined with gin.

Boodles Gin Farmington

Boodles Gin

Flavored with a botanical, herb and spice blend.

Gordons gin Shiprock

Gordon’s Gin

Triple-distilled with juniper berries and other flavors.

new amsterdam gin Farmington

New Amsterdam

Crafted with botanicals, citrus, and  juniper.

tanqueray gin Farmington

Tanqueray Gin

Includes coriander, angelica root and liquorice botanicals.

Wheelers gin Farmington

Wheelers Gin

Made with local, Southwest botanicals.

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