Zia Close Out Specials

Go anywhere with 87 Proof, American Whiskey in a box! On clearance now at Zia Liquors. 750 ml / $6.99* ea.

Find the lowest prices on Whiskey, anywhere near Shiprock or Farmington at Zia Liquors. Cabin Fever, Maple flavored whiskey is one clearance for only $6.99* a bottle.

If you like Apple Pie, you have to try PieHole, Apple Pie Whiskey. Ask for a tasting, or pick up a bottle, on clearance at Zia Liquors. 750 ml for $11.99* while supplies last.

Zia Liquors Close Out Specials

Buy the Original, Captain Morgan Spice Rum on Clearance near Farmington and Shiprock. Clearance Price: 1.75L on sale for $21.99*

Find discount pricing on Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum near Farmington, New Mexico and shop Zia Liquors Clearance Sale. 1.75L only, $17.99* for a limited time.

Zia Close Out Specials to Farmington and Shiprock

Do you need a good deal on flavored Vodka? Pick up a bottle or two of Shady Fruit, Real Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka. On clearance at Zia Liquors for just $5.99* each.

Continue the liquor savings with Shady Fruit, Real Valencia Orange flavored vodka. On sale now for $5.99* a bottle, while inventory lasts.

Are you planning a party? Stock up on Ready To Drink Parrot Bay Light Margarita Mix with tequila included. On clearance at Zia Liquors, 1.75 L for $3.99* a piece.

Get the lowest prices anywhere in the Four Corners area on Ready To Drink Parrot Bay Strawberry Margarita Mix. Yours for just $3.99* / 1.75 L when you shop the Zia Liquors Clearance Sale, happening now.

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