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The Glassware You Need to Start Your Home Bar

The Glassware You Need to Start Your Home Bar

14th Sep 2022

Whether its a glass of wine, frosty beer, or perfectly mixed cocktail, the right glassware can really elevate your drinking experience. But if you’re just starting to put together your home bar, the amount of glassware options available can be overwhelming and intimidating. It’s not necessary for you to invest in a wide variety of different glassware, but there are some basic items you should consider when putting together your home bar. We’ve compiled a list of the basic glassware that will make the most of your home bar setup.

Pint Glass

The pint glass is the perfect, all-purpose glass, used for all types of beers and non-alcoholic drinks as well. Typically, the pint glass is used for lagers, ales, IPAs, stouts, and porters. The glass is also easy to store, since you can stack the glasses to take up less space and they’re easy to drink out of.


A piece of glassware loved by many, the beer mug is easy to hold, can accommodate a large amount of liquid, and just looks cool to drink out of. Beer mugs also have thick walls to help insulate your drink and keep it cold, and the handle keeps your hands from warming the drink faster.

Wine Glass

There are 3 main types of glassware that would fit in this category- the red wine glass, the white wine glass, and the champagne flute. The difference between the white wine and red wine glass is subtle, the red wine glass is slightly shorter and fatter to maximize the flavor. The white wine glass is taller, allowing the aroma to reach the drinker’s nose easier. Pick the wine glass that would work best for your home bar.

The champagne flute helps enhance the longevity of the champagne bubbles but has limited uses, and there are other glasses that can be used for this beverage.

Coupe Glass

The coupe glass can be used for cocktails, champagne, and more making it one of the most versatile glasses and the highest recommended by bartenders. This glass is easier to handle than the traditional martini glass, holds more drink compared to a martini glass, and has a larger rim for garnish, which is why we chose the coupe glass over the martini. The coupe glass can also be used for champagne, and you won’t risk losing any bubbles.

Rocks Glass

The perfect glass to enjoy a spirit “on the rocks.” These glasses are short, easy to hold, have a round bottom, and are used for drinks served over ice or neat.

Highball Glass

A highball glass is a skinny, tall glass, and a collins glass is a skinny, taller glass, which is why you only need one for a basic at-home bar setup. This glass is used for iced drinks that contain liquor and mixers, tiki drinks, and non-alcoholic drinks as well.

Shot Glass