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Made in New Mexico: Sip & Celebrate The Land of Enchantment

Made in New Mexico: Sip & Celebrate The Land of Enchantment

9th Mar 2023

Celebrate the Made In New Mexico Spirit

Here at Zia Liquors, we try to spend every month highlighting new and exciting products we think our customers would enjoy, as well as things you know and love. This month, we’re highlighting some of the amazing breweries, wineries, and distillers that craft their unique products right here in the Land of Enchantment. No matter what part of the state you visit, new companies are popping up constantly helping local economies and bringing awareness to the amount of amazing liquid artists that call New Mexico home. See some of our favorite high-quality brands creating magic across the Land of Enchantment. 

La Cumbre

La Cumbre Brewing Co. has been an Albuquerque institution for years thanks to their award-winning brews and their commitment to sustainability. The company has won several awards for its environmental efforts as well as for its world-class beers.

Elevated IPA- La Cumbre’s most popular beer, this West Coast-style IPA is known for its light and refreshing taste. This beer is also the 2011 Gold Medal winner from the Great American Beer Festival (America-style IPA) and the World Beer Cup Bronze Award (American-style IPA)

Slice O Hefen-This Bavarian-style wheat ale is filled with the aroma of clove, vanilla, and banana and has a rich and creamy body.

Malpais Stout- Brewed with 7 different malts, this beer is filled with creamy stout intensity. This is La Cumbre’s heaviest and most intense year-round offering that is also award-winning, as the 2011 Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal award-winner (Foreign-style Stout)

Project Dank- One of La Cumbre’s hoppiest endeavors, Project Dank is the 2013 Great American Beer Festival Bronze Medal award-winner (American-style IPA)

Acclimated-This APA (American Pale Ale) is similar to the Elevated, but has a lighter flavor perfect for warmer months. 

Ex Novo

Ex Novo Brewing began in Portland, Oregon back in 2014 with the simple concept of “Drink Beer, Do Good.” Founder Joel Gregory wanted to give back to the community and do good around the world. The company expanded to three locations, including in Corrales, New Mexico the hometown of Joel Gregory and recently announced plans to open a new location in downtown Albuquerque. Thanks to their success, the company has been able to donate almost $100,000 to the community, charities, and global efforts they support.

Perle Haggard- Their traditional-style German Pilsner is a sweet, bready malt with notes of honey with a refreshing floral, crisp finish.

Mass Ascension- 6 This West Coast-style IPA with notes of citrus and stone fruit. 

Sheehan Winery

Sheehan Winery creates high-quality, all-natural boutique wine using only New Mexico-grown grapes. Their grapes come from their own vineyards in Corrales, Bosque Farms, and the South Valley of Albuquerque, as well as sourcing from small growers throughout the state. The dry, sunny conditions as well as the high altitude of New Mexico all combine to create the award-winning taste of Sheehan wines.

Riesling-This riesling has a smooth taste, with a hint of sweetness on the finish. Enjoy the aromas and flavors of honeysuckle, white peach, apricot, lime zest, and Asian pear.

2020 Malbec- Only 924 bottles were produced of this award-winning blend. The violets, sweet ripe blackberries, and red cherries aromas are balanced out by notes of toasty vanilla oak. This blend was the 2019 Silver Medal award-winner for the New Mexico State Wine Competition.

Turas- This wine is the perfect pairing for any dessert. Enjoy the rich notes of blackberry, and toasted caramel finished off with rich chocolate.

2021 Moscato- This 2019 NM State Wine Competition winner has vibrant aromas of stone fruit, tangerines, and honeysuckle. Your taste buds will enjoy the creamy peach and honeydew melon flavors as you savor every drop.

Gruner Veltliner- This dry white wine is a nice alternative to the traditional Sauvignon Blanc. This wine has a honeyed and floral aroma with an elegant, citrus taste.

2021 Sauvignon Blanc- This wine blends together the tastes of guava, grapefruit, and lemon, with notes of lime zest to finish.

2019 Cabernet Sauvignon- This gorgeous cabernet was the 2019 Silver Medal award-winner at the NM State Wine Competition. This fruit-driven wine is filled with dark-red fruit, spices, and licorice and is perfect for enjoying with or without a meal.

Red River Brewing

Red River Brewing is a family-owned and operated business that is both a distillery and a brewery located in the mountains of northern New Mexico. All their spirits are crafted in small batches using only the highest quality ingredients and the clean, cold Red River mountain water.

Red River Mallet Brothers Gin- This gin is vapor infused with their special blend of mountain-grown juniper berries and other botanical ingredients.

Red River Vodka Sliver King- Distilled from grain, this vodka is as clean and crisp as the Red River mountain air.

Red River- Jacks & Sixes Spiced Rum- This premium rum is distilled high in the northern New Mexico mountains and is infused with their secret blend of spices.

Red River Cabresto Canon Agave Spirit- Since we’re not in Mexico, we can’t call this a tequila, but this agave spirit is made from 100% Blue Agave grown high in the New Mexico mountains. 

Rolling Still Distillery

Rolling Still Distillery is a women-owned, family-run business that handcrafts its spirits in small batches using the crisp, clean, mountain spring water of Taos, New Mexico. Their products are gluten-free, and organically sourced from local, family-owned farms.

Classic Vodka- Their high-quality, small-batch vodka is gluten-free, 100%corned-based vodka that is micro-distilled seven times and is the foundation of all Rolling Still’s infused vodkas.

Lavender Vodka- This infused vodka features Lavender of the San Juan, and has a dreamy bouquet that will take you back to your favorite, relaxing spa day.

Pecan Vodka- Featuring pecans from Lucero Farms in Las Cruces, NM, this savory and sweet infused spirit has a silky, caramel sweetness followed by a nutty, buttery finish.

Red Chile Vodka- This spicy concoction has a buttery, honey beginning with a slow-moving, spicy finish thanks to the infusion of red chile from Chimayo, NM.

Green Chile Vodka- This vodka infusion has a spicy kick that you will feel right from the beginning! 

Dry Point Distillers 

The only distillery in Las Cruces, Dry Point Distillers creates small-batch spirits by hand, with an extreme commitment to quality. The company also embraces a farm-to-bottle ethic and uses local ingredients for its products whenever possible.

Dry Spell Bourbon Whiskey- This premium Bourbon whiskey was hand selected for its complexity and drinkability and can be enjoyed, mixed, on the rocks, or sipped neat.

Monsoon Gin- This botanical-heavy Gin has a fresh, citrus start with a floral, coriander, and licorice mid flavor, with a rosemary finish. This gluten-free gin is far more enjoyable than the monsoon season.

Mesa Vodka- Dry Point’s gluten-free vodka goes through multiple distillations and is purified in a custom-built, carbon filter in micro-batches to give it the cleanest, smoothest finish possible.

Agave Spirit Slow Desert- Bottled in New Mexico, but sourced directly from Apaluz Distillery in Durango, Mexico, this agave spirit has been produced by the same family for over 100 years. The agave is sustainably harvested then pit roasted for 3 days, pot distilled, and proofed using natural spring water. Enjoy the notes of cinnamon, green cactus, and wood smoke in every sip.

Bourbon Whiskey Blue Corn- Crafted using an heirloom variety of blue corn grown in New Mexico for generations. This sweet and spicy bourbon is aged for at least 14 months before it touches your taste buds.

Los Pasos Immature Brandy- Introducing the first brandy to be produced in the Mesilla Valley in over 100 years. Los Pasos is a grape-based brandy aged at least five months in new white oak barrels. “Immature Brandy” is a federal designation for brandies aged under 2 years. 

Little Toad Creek Mixed Up Mules

Little Toad Creek is a double threat with humble beginnings in a remote area of New Mexico. This brewery and distillery began in Lake Roberts, NM about an hour outside Silver City, before moving down the mountain into downtown Silver City. Since then, they’ve opened a second location in Las Cruces where more Southern New Mexicans can enjoy their tasty selection of libations.

Mojito Mule-This canned cocktail contains mint-infused rum, tangy lime, and bold ginger beer, sweetened by agave nectar.

Classic Margarita- This classic has the citrusy flavor of lime and lightly sweet agave nectar, mixed with Toad Creek’s house-made triple sec and agave spirit.

Classic Mule- This canned cocktail blends together spicy ginger juice, fresh lime, lemon, and Little Toad Creek’s vodka, and is finished with a touch of sweet agave nectar.

Gin & Grapefruit- Blends together spicy ginger beer, gin, and refreshing grapefruit juice. Sweetened with agave nectar and finished with fresh lime.

Watermelon Jalapeno- The traditional Moscow mule gets a spicy kick thanks to the mix of tangy ginger beer and fiery jalapeno. Add in the sweet flavor of a juicy summer watermelon you’ll love this bold take on a classic.

Mango Margarita- House-made triple sec with agave spirits is complimented by the bright taste of sweet mango in this tropical take on a classic margarita. Add in fresh lime juice and sweet agave nectar and this canned cocktail may be your new favorite.

Lemon Raspberry Mojito- Enjoy this refreshing mix of sweet, sun-ripped raspberries with the bright, tart flavor of lemons bursting from every can.