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New Mexico Wineries Near Me

Top 3 New Mexico Wineries Near Me

Start your New Mexico wine tasting experience at the top of our list and buy St. Clair wines on sale at Zia Liquors! In addition to being a sixth generation, family of French winemakers, this unique lineage spans three continents.

Because St. Clair winery is located at the center of Mimbres Valley in Deming, New Mexico, we have access to the fruits of America’s oldest wine producing region. Remember to ask about select wines, aged in oak barrels to so add a unique character and rich flavor. Go ahead and join us for a wine tasting at Zia Liquors and see why this is one of our top rated, New Mexico wineries.

Consequently, you may also enjoy sampling a glass of New Mexico’s, Noisy Water Wine. This fifth generation family of farmers us locally sourced grapes for a truly southwestern flavor. The laid back approach and fun loving atmosphere create a delicious wine you will absolutely enjoy savoring.

Last but not least, we would like to draw your attention to our featured Wines Of The San Juan varietals. Make sure to sample the award winning, Serendipity Merlo or Sweet Jenner Rose and always reserve a designated driver.

You may also enjoy the “Girls are Meaner” or the acclaimed, Cabernet Sauvignon. Whatever your pallet, Wines Of The San Juan has something for you to drink. You can learn more about local, New Mexico wineries by contacting Zia Liquors online, or by visiting us in person.

Either way, please remember to drink New Mexico wines and all other alcoholic beverages responsibly. Please reserve a designated driver if you plan on attending a wine tasting event. All wine, liquor and beer are for adults 21 and over.

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