Delivery Fee $10 | Min Order of $25

Exciting News! Zia Liquors Delivery service is now available.

Exciting News! Zia Liquors Delivery service is now available.

Posted by Zia Liquors on 31st Mar 2022

Zia Liquors Delivery service is now available.

After months of anticipation, Zia Liquors is ready to roll out their convenient liquor delivery service to the area. As the largest liquor store in the Four Corners area, Zia Liquors has become the go-to place for everything you need for that big holiday bash with friends or where you find that perfectly aged bottle of bourbon for a quiet night in.

With Zia Liquors delivery service, now you can get the great prices and service of Zia Liquors delivered right to your front door. Zia Liquors uses a state-of-the-art secure online system to give their customers peace of mind while they shop.

Easy. Convenient. Coming Soon.

To place an online order, simply browse the menu above to shop the wide variety of beer, wine, spirits, seltzers and more. After making your selection, click on the delivery option and input your zip code to confirm your address is in the delivery range. After your address is confirmed, select your payment method, then you can schedule your products to be delivered that day or the next day. When your order arrives, present your ID for the driver to verify your age and name. 

Have an event later in the week? The website also offers the option to have your products scheduled to be delivered at a later date or time, so refreshments are covered and you can focus on other aspects of hosting. Wow your guests when they arrive and see the decorations, food, and drinks are all ready to go with time to spare.

Zia Liquors Delivery Truck.

There‚Äôs no reason to worry about how or when your order will be delivered. Zia Liquors uses text messaging to let you know when your order is en route, and when to expect your order to arrive. 

Enjoy Responsibly.

With Zia Liquors delivery, customers can now take the worry out of who the designated driver is to pick up an order. Zia Liquors will not deliver to intoxicated customers. Alcohol deliveries can only be made to the home residence and signed by the person who placed the order.

Zia Liquors Delivery.

Thousands of well-known, local, craft, and new products are available now through Zia Liquors. From those hard-to-find items to brands you know and love, Zia Liquors is proud to be able to offer them all to you in a new, convenient way that will save you time and money.